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Hey, welcome to allofgeekdom.com. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. As you’ve guessed by the website name, this is a place where you can find everything geek. I’m talking TV shows, movies, comics, books, and memes. If there’s a fandom out there, I’ll probably mention it at some point (maybe even Bronies- not sure, yet. They kinda creep me out). Also, you can find all kinds of memorabilia and collectibles.

Chris from All of Geekdom

Yes, I’m a Geek

Where do I begin? I’ve kind of been obsessed with certain fandoms since I was kid. Of course, it all started with X-Men. That has always been my favorite comic. But, then it grew from there to The Lord of the Rings.

When I say I’m a huge Tolkienite, I mean I wrote my Master’s Thesis on Tolkien’s works. That’s right, a bibliophile. And, I love everything fantasy! Also, I dig YA dystopians (you know Hunger Games, Divergent, The Darkest Minds, etc.) In fact, I’ve taught these in a special topics class at the college level.

That’s sort of why I became a high school English teacher and eventually college professor.

And, as my former students can testify, I express my geekdom all the time. From my Yoda coffee mug, to the Funko Pops that line my bookshelves I’m all about that geek life.

I even incorporate it into my lessons with movie references or quotes, examples from my favorite TV shows, or using memes and YouTube videos. I even wear my Harry Potter T-shirts on Fridays!

So, yes, I’m a geek.

And, that’s good. Being a geek isn’t a bad thing anymore. Actually, it’s the opposite. Geek is the new cool.

And That’s Why I Started This Site

I remember, as a kid, the looks I got because of my Heman lunch kit. I also remember being picked on because I wore my Goonie’s T-shirt.

Times have changed. As I sat talking with my students on my first day of teaching, they were amazed that we had the same interests.

We read the same books, watched the same shows, and loved the same movies. Even better, we tried to compete with who could impress whom with our YouTube knowledge (I won of course).

And, in that moment, I saw an opportunity. Learning didn’t have to be boring, and neither did I.

Why should I deny who I really am? Why should I hide my geek?

And, neither should anyone else.

So, guess what? My class was always engaged. They always paid attention. And, shocker, they learned. More than that, some grew to love reading and writing.

Of course, I was on cloud nine. I had created a cult! No, not really, I always referred to them as my minions because I instilled them with a passion for learning, reading, and individuality that I wanted them to spread wherever they went.

And, I want to do the same here.

The Goal Of All Of Geekdom

My wish for this website is for it to be a safe haven for all geeks. Now, I know that fandom is vicious. Just start a Marvel vs. DC debate in the midst of a crowd, and eventually punches get thrown.

Trust me- I do it at times just to watch the chaos.

Really, everyone needs a place where they can let their inner geek out. We spend so much time having to be something else- employee, parent, the dreaded “adult”….

Sometimes, it’s just nice to relax, kick your Hobbit feet up (yeah, got a pair), and enter geekdom and take a break from reality.

That reminds me- I love cosplay and ren faires, too. Historical dress is awesome. Incidentally, I’ve tried to convince my students by wearing a kilt (like a historic great kilt) at least once a year.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Definitely, feel free to leave your opinions on my posts. I’m sure, we’ll disagree on some points. But, that’s okay. You have your geek loves, and I have mine.

All the best,



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